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Dog Collar and Dog Leash – American Flag Style – For Smaller Dogs – For Cats – Patriotic USA Flag – EVK Planet



  •     Very fashionable dog collar and dog leash with its unique and patriotic design!
  • It is generally made from soft nylon with a buckle – ideal for smaller dogs
  • Crafted with USA Flag design to make your dog even more cool and patriotic!
  • Let your lovable pet stand out on the streets and be a head turner!
  • Buy this exceptional american flag dog collar and leash and shine with pride!

Independence Day is fast approaching!


It’s time for a walk but your cutie pet doesn’t have a collar and leash yet? Here is a product just for you and is made especially for smaller dogs like CHIHUAHUA, MALTESE, NORFOLK TERRIER, PAPILLON, PUG, YORKSHIRE TERRIER and other smaller breeds!

Generally made from soft nylon with buckle, allows your little dog to move freely and be comfortable enough roaming around the streets. But above all, these dog collar and leash is perfectly fashionable! It was carefully crafted with USA flag design that is very unique and just right for the celebration of the Independence Day on the 4th of July.

Isn’t it amusing to see your adorable pet wearing an Independence Day inspired collar and leash?

Make your adorable pet stand out on the 4th of July and shine with pride. Add to cart this patriotic dog collar and leash now and receive it this week!

The Length of the Patriotic Dog Leash is 50 inches

The Maximum Diameter of the Dog Collar is 6 inches

The Minimum Diameter of USA Flag Dog Collar is 3.5 inches

It’s a perfect fit for small pets. Yes, it will be good for your cat as well.

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